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Giving Back Has Been Frank Voisin's Commitment To A Community Which Has Brought Him Success

Four Generations Of Voisin's Celebrate A Legacy Of Philanthropy

Published 06/04/2019 | By Kw Now Local News

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Giving Back Makes It All Worth While...For Everyone
Giving Back Makes It All Worth While...For Everyone

Giving Back Is The Life Blood Of Strong And Vibrant Communities

On this sunny day, four generations of the Voisin family gathered on the carnival grounds at The Boardwalk for a photo in Celebration of Community.

But communities can only be strong and vibrant if we support them by giving back. Such is the philosophy and legacy of the Voisin Family. Always finding ways to give back where it really counts. St. Mary’s Hospital is one of the those vital jewels in the local healthcare network. Family patriarch Frank Voisin, has always combined business and philanthropy throughout his career and has instilled this virtue in his children grandchildren and now, great grandchildren.

Recently, and with gratitude, all proceeds from the spring carnival attractions at The Boardwalk and Sunrise Shopping Centres were given to St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation’s Susan Dusick and CEO Dr. Andrew Falconer. Frank Voisin, age 96, was on numerous committees for the hospital from 1972-2003. Today he is joined by his children Greg, Jane Simpson, and Vince Varga; his grandchildren Cynthia (and husband John Sehl), Harmony, Simon, and Steve Voisin; his great-grandchildren Anthony, Mary Ella, and Jack Sehl. He leaves a legacy of commitment and caring for K-W.

Four Generations of Voisins... And Yes, 96 year old Frank Voisin (in the middle) did go for a ride on the ferriss wheel to demonstrate that he still isn't afraid of heights

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